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   Beaver might easily go unnoticed, if it were not for the fact that it straddles Interstate 15 and is an ideal waypoint for travelers driving between Salt Lake City to the north and Las Vegas to the south. Only a hint of the rugged, unspoiled mountain beauty and treasures to the east is evident from the freeway. However, ask any experienced fisher, hunter, hiker or off-road enthusiast about Beaver and you will likely be deluged by stories of great outdoor adventures and spectacular scenery. That is, of course, if the person you are talking to is not bent on keeping the area a secret. Actually, many vacationers who regularly visit Beaver are avid outdoor fans. They are generally well informed about Beaver and the magnificent Tushar Mountains that embrace seven mountain lakes, numerous streams, and the Beaver River. All the lakes are accessible during the summer, and four of them spawn brook trout, long considered one of the more popular sport fish in Utah.
   Settled in 1856, Beaver City is the county seat, and the Beaver valley has a population of approximately 3,000. The town has several historic buildings that have been restored, in particular the Territorial Courthouse and Museum shown on the right. On the courthouse grounds is a statue of Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television and native son of Beaver. The statue is identical to the one located in Washington, D.C., (click on links for details): (1)Farnsworth (2)Farnsworth  Beaver is also the birthplace of another famous individual of the past, the notorious western outlaw Butch Cassidy.
   The area truly has something for everyone, from a drive on the Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway, a 17-mile route up Beaver Canyon traversing along side the Beaver River, to the 262-mile-long loop of the Paiute ATV Trail, which has several designated ATV routes within the city limits.  Beaver is the perfect year-round destination retreat for families and outdoor enthusiasts who are tired of fighting the crowds.  See additional photos below. (Click to Enlarge)
Click to Enlarge Mountain goats number approximately 250 Canyon Breeze Golf Course
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