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For rockhounders and visitors interested in the County's historic mines, we are providing a Web Site Link to:
Utah Rockhouning: The site contains GPS corrdinates for locating popular mining sites in the county. Their tag line says, "The online source for Utah mineral and fossil collecting."

Some areas within the County are desolate and uninhabited.  Take food, water, warm clothing, maps and a GPS if you have one.  Note: Nothing stated on this web site gives anyone the right to dig, take, or possess any rocks or minerals from any lands illegally.  Make sure you comply with state and federal laws and private property restrictions.
. . . . to help you along the way
   We know detailed maps of Beaver County are hard to find. Therefore, we are making available maps of the area for downloading from our Web Site.  Print them out and take them with you on your trip.  The maps are formatted in Adobe Reader (pdf) files.  Your computer should have Adobe Reader installed, and it will open when you click on one of the links.  If needed, download and install the lastest Adobe version for viewing.  Click link to download (Adobe Reader 8.1.

Download Individual Maps by their Corresponding Number:
  1. Southern Utah & Color Country:  This map focuses on Beaver County and its proximity to Color Country in Southern Utah.
  2. Beaver County Closeup:  This county map provides a closeup of the towns, areas of interest, plus state and county roads.
  3. Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway:  A handy map to take along when visiting the recreational areas in Beaver Canyon.
  4. Utah Road Map:  An excellent state road map provided by the Utah Office of Tourism.
  5. Paiute ATV Trails:  Link to the Paiute ATV Trail Guide website.

Regardless of whether you are a frequent visitor to the Beaver Utah area or planning a first-time visit, our web site will help you plan the ultimate vacation. Travel Council
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